Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wrappin' Mama

Yo, yo! Whassup! I'm a wrappin' Mama here. Well, not really, that was my brief stint into coolness, I'll go back to being the geek who watches Star Trek and Road to Avonlea when she nurses at night. Star Trek TNG mind you!

I am however a wrapping Mama in that I am baby wearing and loving it. Tonight's meal was brought to my family by the letters MamaKangourou baby wrap (A Canadian company). Why as a third time mother am I only really discovering the massive benefits of this? Well because as a first and second time mother I suffered from massive misalignmentm, causing serious pain to my hips and back. By the third pregnancy, I had had it and went to be "adjusted" aka have my neck, spine and hips cracked in really freaky scary sounding ways. But I feel oh so good and I can walk, sit, stand and carry my baby in a wrap, thus saving my sanity and getting dinner on the table without having my 1 month old (you read that right, I can't believe it either!) go into thermonuclear meltdown.

It's not that I haven't tried before. With child number one, I got a Maya sling. I hated it, no give, long and stupid rings were not my cup of tea. As Mister N got older, I got an Ergo carrier, which is great for an older guy, but a little difficult for me to adjust the kid on my back as I have ridiculously short and inflexible arms. However, it is Dearest's favourite carrier and he wore the big guy often. With Crazy A, I learned about the Cuddlywrap by Peapod, which is a Canadian company, and loved the concept, my problem is, that I found it too long and had a lot of give which made it hard for me to feel like the baby is really, really secure. I tried it with this guy, but again, found the same issue. In enters my MamaK wrap, just one I picked up at ToysRUs. It has some give, but not a lot, and it's a bit shorter than my Cuddly wrap. The colours aren't nearly as nice, but I'll deal, because it's SAVING MY LIFE!!!

When I pick the boys up, I wrap the baby. When I'm cooking, I wrap the baby. When I want to eat without being interrupted, I wrap the baby. He falls asleep, he's out, and I'm here blogging with a coffee while Crazy A trashes something (I'm letting this happen, so I can have peace) and Mister N is watching toons. Yeah, yeah, bad mom, but sane mom! Sane mom with dinner made, happy kids, a sleeping baby and a coffee.

So mamas, I command you, go out, buy. Lots of baby boutiques have wrap sessions where you can try on a bunch, and if they don't, ask them for one. Ask your friends, go join a mom's group and get everyone to bring in their wraps/slings/carriers so you can test drive them. If you and your baby likes it, go and get one, doubletime.

One of my favourite places to buy crunchy stuff is another Canadian company. The owner is super fabulous and very friendly and ships fast. She's also a mom and knows that if we're making purchases in the middle of the night, we need it stat! By Nature. They are expensive, but your sanity is worth it.

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