Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anniversary! Cue William Tell Overture

And if you don't get the reference of my title, then you were clearly deprived of years of quality lunch time TV with the Flintstones. If you haven't seen it, then you MUST watch this youtube link. Do not come back until you do, it's a vital part of pop culture and without it, you are less of a person!!! Happy Anniversary

So, yesterday was my anniversary with the Dearest. 11 years of wedded bliss...minus the diapers, dog poop, car breaking down in a snowstorm while we were fighting-then laughing at the futility of it all, cleaning, yada yada. Point is, we're pretty happy as a couple goes, in fact ridiculously happy for two people with three kids under five and no sleep. I learned something yesterday, Dearest actually does read my blog. He read my date night post and decided to apply that to our anniversary. Bear with me because I'm about to try and get fancy with blogging, adding pictures and someone is going to get hurt in the process.

My anniversary present from Dearest was grown up conversation! We couldn't really stray far from Baby D to go to a restaurant for a big long talk, so Dearest and two of my BFFs (Best Friend Forever) devised a plan to create a restaurant in my house. I learned something else, my BFFs are really good liars as I had spent the afternoon with them and the night before and not a word. Funny thing is, I had been moping to Dearest about my friends acting a little screwy and kind of aloof and in my hormone addled state that of course exponentially went from molehill to mountain in 0kph-lightspeed.

Anyhow, I spent the afternoon at Mom2Michael's (read her blog too BTW) celebrating the launch of her Pampered Chef business, and was told to come home between 5-5:10. Arriving home and saying the code "The Eagle has landed." waiting for Dearest to say "The fat man walks alone." Don't ask, I didn't! I was allowed out of the car and was greeted with this.

My own personal restaurant! We then waiting outside for the sitter to arrive. Our sitter being Mom2Michael who had just hosted a Pampered Chef party (BTW, buy from her) and understandably pooped. Okay, at this point, I'm feeling incredibly blessed and incredibly silly, that is until we enter.

At this point I'm feeling ridiculously silly because of my previous moping and to see BFF M playing the role of our hostess for our restaurant tonight. While Mom2Michael playing the role of most excellent auntie babysitter and spoiling the hell out of BabyD, BFF M spent the night waiting hand and foot on us, even bringing us a toy that jingles to serve as our bell.

Our afterdinner mint table. Which was the source of Monty Python jokes afterwards.

Our table on the second floor overlooking the park.

Dearest, we even had wine! Like grown ups.

Our hostess was kind enough to take a picture of us, once my camera decided to behave for her.

Our hostess taking a babysitting turn.

Mom2Michael and BabyD. I didn't realize this, but we colour coordinated yesterday.

Much props also have to go out to the Parental Units who took the two big guys. The two big guys who helped to set up and Mr. N for decorating and adding a glowy bracelet to mommy's valet key package.

Overall, I'm feeling mega blessed to have such amazing friends and a wonderful Dearest who took time out of their busy lives and after a hellish week the trifecta for those three to give us a couple hours of grown up time and conversation. The fact that these people went to such lengths for me, that was the best present of all. I only hope I can live up to their generosity and kindness when I'm given the opportunity. :)


Anonymous said...

What a great story Joy, you are truly blessed. Small things make all the difference.

Mrs. Hardaker said...

That is so awesome! Chris and his cohorts M & D rock!

And the parents and the kids for cooperating!

Many blessings!

Mom2Michael said...

We're just glad you enjoyed yourself. You deserve a nice grown-up evening of relaxing. It wasn't easy not telling you what was up!

And I got to play with Baby D for ages :-) Didn't even mind changing his little baby poop. He is such a good baby.