Saturday, September 11, 2010

Girls and Curls

So after 10 months of dutifully staying away from hair dye while being pregnant (something that damn well better get me into Good Mom Heaven!) I went back to my beloved colourist. I did actually see her in June for a cut, but since then, pregnancy hormones have been the equivilant to hair speed and my hair just past my shoulders had made it to my waist and looked something like a lion's mane. Add to that brassy year old highlites and I was unhappy.

My Dearest being the Dearest he is, booked me an appointment with my colourist/stylist. I don't know if he would have knowing how long the tear down and rebuilding of my hair colour would take. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS later, I'm sporting a lovely new cut, new fall colour, including a new base coat and I feel freaking fabulous. Especially knowing that when straightening my hair, I won't have the Wookie 'fro to contend with for a while. In fact, I'm somewhat counting on losing some hair post partum.

I've noticed that every woman wants the type of hair she doesn't have. I love having my hair straight because it's way easier to take care of on the day to day. Whereas most straight haired gals I know of course would kill for some volume and body. But if you guys want to know how to keep your hair in tip top shape, walk up to a woman with a lovely set of curls, she'll me! I love my hair...LOVE my hair. I abuse it with a hot iron, but I also make sure it has plenty of good food, I take supplements not because they're good for me, but because they're good for my hair. I have no problems dropping coin on Moroccan Oil (and if you don't know what it is, and you have wavy/curly/thick hair, go out and buy it!) traveling across the city for my favourite shampoo, going to the hairdresser for colour. My hair OWNS me and I am a willing pawn in it's chess game.

Why? Well, I figure, when you're feeling bedraggled and not happy about your entire picture, you've got to take care of your assets. In my case, my hair. Which is why I felt fine in going and spending 4.5 hours in the chair. Anything to get me closer to being back on track to where I was pre-pregnancy and in fact it's something I recommend for every post partum woman. You're tired, your body has just been through 10 months of upheaval and just when you've crossed the finish line and think you're done and get it back from the pint sized loanee, you're breastfeeding! You need to do something nice for your body, I truly believe it has an impact on your overall self, even if only small and superficial. I walked out feeling like a million bucks and when I feel like that, I look like it. So if any other Dearest's are reading this, go book your wonderful woman some time at a spa, or her favourite hairdresser, and since chances are, no Dearests are reading this other than my Dearest, go drag your Dearest to the computer and make him/her read this and then let him (I say him, because female Dearests would fess up about the wonderful blog they got the idea from) pretend it was his idea. I'm sure my Dearest will throw you a bone. I only wish I had time for a facial and pedicure and a latte would have been nice too. (hint hint!)


Cecilotta said...

Love it! I had mine done today too - great minds and all that. Also, loving wee baby D since I haven't seen any pics of him yet! You're going to make me baby hungry ;)

Joy said...

I keep forgetting you're not on FB anymore. I'll be sure to post some more photos, but a friend of ours who has five all grown and raised has warned us "For the love of God, don't go from 3 to 4, it's just madness!" So don't be getting all baby hungry there. lol

Cecilotta said...

Ooooh, yes please.

It's terrible, I see newborns and I'm like GIMME! (have managed not to get arrested. barely). And then get home and the baby gets up 5 times in one night and I'm over it.