Monday, October 25, 2010

If you weren't so cute, I'd bake you for dinner

Today I went and got a couple of pounds of stewing beef. Gorgeous beef. I tenderly unpacked them and coated them with some flour. I browned them and then browned some onions and garlic. Deglazed the pan in some nice red wine (resisted the urge to have a glass-I don't drink while I'm on the SAHM clock). Went into that giant white hole of a freezer of mine to pull out some homemade beef stock, thawed that out, added it to my stew. Chopped the veggies, placed the longer cooking ones in. Threw in some herbs, tasted it, seasoned it to perfection. Julia Child herself would be jealous.

Oldest runs in saying "Mommy I know now that I like stew. It smells wonderful Mommy. It smells like hot dogs."

He's lucky he's five!


Cecilotta said...

ROFL! My charming child just sent letters to all her grandparents informing them that her favorite food is spam. SPAM. My Dad called me, outraged, demanding to know what I was feeding his grandchildren! ;)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! :)

Bluefunk said...

Hahaha! If it smells like hotdogs it must be good, right? :)

Joy said...

Well they did eat some, after I washed the gravy off the beef for Mister Ninja. *eyeroll* I'm so under appreciated for my mad cooking skillz