Friday, July 27, 2012

Bloody Brilliant!

So I got into a conversation with the oldest. He's been watching some sitcom for kids with a lot of British accents. I watched a couple of episodes to make sure it was age appropriate and it seemed to pass.

So we were in the car and I mentioned an idea I had and the oldest said,

"Mommy, that's bloody brilliant!"

"Ummmm, okay, thanks honey, but we need to talk about the word bloody, it's not really a polite word"

"But the kids on the show use it."

"I know, but sometimes things on TV aren't appropriate for real life."

"What does it mean anyhow?"

Cripes, I don't know how to explain that one.

""Um, I guess it means bloody, and it's not an uber bad word, but it's not one you should go repeating."

"But Mommy, they're speaking the same language as Mrs. A"

"Right, but you've never heard Mrs. A use that word right?"

"No, but I've heard YOU use that word when you're driving."

Well, wasn't that bloody brilliant of him. Game, set, match.

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