Saturday, July 21, 2012

So Yeah, Ding Dong

I've taken up selling Avon and some Pampered Chef. I put up a chirpy little blurb on it on my facebook, without much thought. I said that I was doing it for college. About an hour later, I thought "That was stupid, I have money." So I started thinking about why I wanted to do it, and why it means a bit to me.

One, I'm a Capricorn. Hear me out! I have a nice cushion, but for a Capricorn, that cushion is never cool unless we keep stuffing it with feathers. I mean if we had our way, the cushion would be the size of Taiwan, and likely then we wouldn't rest. I am always preparing for worst case scenario and quite honestly, live in fear of running out of coin, not to the point that I stop myself from buying something nice, but something I worry about often.

Two and probably more importantly is that I need a sense of independence and if bringing in a few extra dollars a month for the time being will do that, so be it. I'm going to give it a try. I've always had a job since I was 14, whether it was delivering flyers, working as a barista, a counselor, a mother, I've always had a purpose. Right now, not so much.

I have classes I take and God willing school next year. I've had a setback with the university I applied to. My application was cancelled back in January. The reason, I was told was because I was overqualified for the 4 year program and had to do the fast track program. I was two days out of surgery and didn't really have the strength, morale or energy to really fight it. But recently, I started doing some investigation and found out that I qualified for the 4 year program, that they require another diploma, not the one I already have. So I started rattling some cages and admittedly dropped a name, in passing, but it worked. So when I apply again in September, I am to call the coordinator. Who knows, fingers crossed. I also have another coordinator who called me personally from their program, I'm supposed to get in contact with her come September. So the horizon looks good, but as someone who needs a job to really feel a purpose in life, I've been feeling really crummy and unsuccessful lately.

So, I'm going to give this a go. I figure I'm pretty personable, and while I'm a little more apprehensive about selling Avon, I know I can sell Pampered Chef because...well because, if you've ever eaten at my place, you'd know. (Yes, I'm completely vain about my cooking and I used Pampered Chef products A LOT!)

So long rambling story short, I'm rebuilding my life, bit by bit. This is another stepping stone, it's to give me some purpose, some distraction, a little bit of coin, but hopefully and mostly, another boost of confidence.

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