Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I'm starting to think of them as an art. We make them, we stick to them for 6 weeks and then we throw them by the wayside, forgetting in the next two weeks what they even were. But I think I've figured out a magic formula to make it all stick. And I'm going to share with you that magic formula because I'm so wonderfully generous, and pretty, and smart, and feisty, with awesome hair...oh yes, back to the point. The key to making and keeping New Years resolutions is to make them something you're actually going to enjoy. Screw the losing weight or the self help class to improve your grammar skills, nevermind the back breaking labour of renovating an entire room by yourself (unless of course you enjoy those things, then go for it!). New Years resolutions should be about enriching your life and taking steps to make it more fulfilling for yourself. I've been thinking of some resolutions over the past few weeks and thought I'd share mine to give you an example of how to make one that you will fight tooth and nail to keep.

I will read more. I love reading, I have an infant who naps, easy peasy. So far I'm on book number 2 of 2011. Don't look too impressed, it's the Sookie Stackhouse series, but I'm loving it and need brain candy. I'm hoping for 4 books a month.

I will write more. See above. I promise to check over my writing more too. I've also rediscovered the simple joy of actually writing writing...with a pen...old school. Just going slowly, contemplating while I'm going along, it's a very mind clearing exercise. Will be doing that too, even got myself a shiny new journal.

I will go to the spa/hairstylist more. In fact I booked an appointment for a wash/blowdry for this Friday. There is no reason in the world why I should be letting my hair go scraggly with a husband and mom who will watch the kids for a couple hours.

I will make frequent date nights with Dearest. We've let that go by the wayside and I've already asked my mom to be free for Saturday nights from here til 2020. I will also be bugging friends (beware!) who have offered in the past to watch the boys. We've become a little disconnected last year, so that will be rectified big time!

I will go to the cottage and I will own it. I don't really like going, but I had a request from my youngins to head up north with them to the cottage. The reason why I don't really like it is because MIL dominates the schedule. Well no longer! Joy is in the drivers seat!!!!

I will go on a road trip. I don't care how far, but it has to involve at least 2 hours in the car with someone I love.

I will take more pictures. In fact on one road trip to the US, I will be buying myself a new lens for the camera.

I will get the yard tamed. I didn't say *I'd* be doing the work.

I will spend more time reading to my boys. Ninja is now enjoying chapter books and I'm enjoying reading them to him, I'm currently resisting the urge to read ahead to see what happens. A Dude is still into smaller books over and over and over again, but finding new ways to keep them engaging and seeing his silly responses is worth it.

I will make new friends. I know a few of my friends are going to chortle at this, but I'm shy. Really. I am. So going out there is really hard for me, but I will do it because I've managed to make a great group of friends, so I can find more, hopefully some who have the same job description as me.

I will stay connected with current friends and making sure I am being a good buddy to them.

I will reconnect with some old friends.

I will entertain at least twice a month. I love having people over for dinner and it gives me a great excuse to try new recipes.

I will declutter. I know this sounds like a "hafta" sort of resolution, but I really do enjoy organizing.

I will get home projects done. Again, not a "hafta" largely because it means me calling someone to come fix something. I hafta pick up the phone.

I will accept help! Housekeeper, hired!

Any chocolate I eat will be good quality. I will work hard to keep a good stash on hand so I don't have to resort to eating the kids stuff in desperation.

So I think that's it, at least for now, until I've had my coffee, and good quality coffee it will be! So give a think as to how your year will be enhanced by making promises to yourself you want to keep, because not only will they have a great outcome for you and/or your family, but because the process of getting there will be great too.

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