Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bragging about my wonderful children

Happy New Year, I hope your Holidays have treated you well and given you enough fuel to bear the exceedingly long month of January where other than a few birthdays of great friends is bleak and cold.  I didn't get around to writing a Christmas letter bragging about our lives, this Christmas. I have read a few, including a favourite cousin's note sharing with us his views of why the US has faltered economically and Canada has done well in the past years. According to him the US gov't is socialist and Canada is not.....Really...Anyhow, I feel like a bad person and a bad mom for not sending out her brag letter of the year, so here it is. We are so awesome, be prepared to revel in awesomeness.

Baby D is chewing his feet like a 6 month old. Considering he's only 4 months, that is a huge accomplishment. We expect he'll be in Oxford when he's 10 by this brilliant discovery.

He is also drooling like a champ, clearly he's also going to have an exquisite palatte and will probably become a chef whilst saving the world.

He is farting like he's 10, seriously! He's a mans man. He can clear a room like a 40 year old.

A Dude has a voice unmatched. You should hear his AC/DC impression every time he doesn't get his own way. He's going to be famous.

His speech has leapt and bounded. He went from little words at the start of this year to whole phrases like "It's not yucky! Mommy is yucky!" "It's not me. I didn't do it. I'm a good boy! Ninja did it!" "I'm telling on you!!" and "I'm not a bad boy, Ninja is a baby!!!" We are so proud.

His potty process is going well, after just four tiny months, he has been convinced that the potty won't bite off his bottom if he sits on it. We only have to run around the house 4 times to catch him. He's such a wonderful little dream.

A Dude's physical development is going strong. He is almost 40lbs and has no problems demonstrating his strength. He showed us how brilliantly strong he is while waiting in line for Santa by getting in a fight with another 3 year old and pushing him down in 5 seconds.

Mister Ninja has amazing intellectual skills, he never ceases to amaze us by finding loopholes in our reasoning why he cannot have a chocolate after he brushes his teeth for bed, or why he can't watch Jurassic Park...for the umpteenth time. He is also so persistent, what a little dear!

He has become a prodigy at Angry Birds, which has truly shocked us. Watch out Bobby Fischer! I'm sure Ninja will wow the world with his Angry Birds playing skills.

He is also a crafty little fella. No one can top him in quietly sneaking away with an iPad and playing a game. My little genius has also figured out how to turn it down.

Mister Ninja has also increased his vocabulary tenfold, adding "Limpet eating fish-head" and "snake's breath hairy toad!" to his phrases. Thank you How to Train Your Dragon for this very enriching lexicon.

So there you have it, our wonderful children, doing their wonderful things. I bet few children have accomplished so much in 12 short months, but there you have it. No, no! We are simply just modest and great parents doing an amazing job in raising such wonderful little citizens of the world.

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Bluefunk said...

Oh that was a most enjoyable read! Thank you. :) You do have some pretty great boys.