Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Date night!!!!

We're very fortunate to have a great support system of friends and family willing to take our kids. Tonight the two older guys are sleeping over at grandma/grandpa's place aka Parental Units. They were kind enough to take them because Dearest has an uber early in the morning meeting and then an appointment, and instead of leaving me with three in the morning (the hardest part of the day IMO) they are taking the guys and bringing them to the museum. Anyhow, long story short, we are down to one, so we immediately think DATE NIGHT.

We found ourselves in a parking lot drinking Starbucks quoting lines from Disney's Cars and burping a baby overlooking the 401. Once upon a time, we'd be over a candlelit dinner, in an ancient building with amazing character, eating amazing food, downtown Toronto and being doted on by our server, talking about very adult things like the election, current events, work. Wait...that was a few months ago! I was still pregnant, I couldn't drink!! So now I'm wondering when I get to go back to the 5th Grill (BTW, which I highly recommend for date night if you can pawn...errr find loving people to take your beautiful children.) I'm wondering when we get to enjoy that again. I want to have candlelight, I want to have conversation, I want crab cakes! It dawned on me that I'm going to miss Dearest for the next three years. I think it's dawning on him too.

That said, while we were in the parking lot, we were laughing, we joked about our predicament, we challenged each other about who could quote Mater more. We kissed our baby, who tried to take off Dearests finger, which I then laughed about, enjoyed our latte, prayed to the sleep gods that we'd get a few more moments and talked about work. We were going to go cruising when the bubble burst. I might not be pregnant, but my bladder still thinks I am. So our romance is limited to parking lots and potty breaks. Such is life post child number three, you make the best with what you have, and we're pretty lucky in this regard, we have a heck of a lot to make the best with.

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What's an 'uber'?