Monday, November 21, 2011

Applications sent

I'm applying to university. Well universities, I have two choices and if I don't get in...well lets just say I haven't thought of plan B because I'm so certain plan A will work out. Well there is a small ping of doubt, but I don't think I've ever really felt so positive about something in a while. I can visualize myself getting the acceptance letters, and I stink at visualization with a capital S.

So I sent off the initial forms, which involved me paying extra to have my transcripts sent to the universities. Then came the supplemental forms, one of which required me to send in not only my college transcripts, but my high school transcripts. So I spent a week chasing them down, panicking the whole time that I'm going to miss my window of opportunity (the deadline is next year, but I'm a Capricorn!). And last Friday I sent one packing registered mail, and the other one I polished off online today. Kudos to the university that allowed me to handle all of that online!

So now the waiting game. This is the part where I am painfully bad at. Though, I can't imagine anyone being particularly good waiting to hear back on a university program. My marks are decent, I've supplied every scrap of school related paper, short of my kindergarten progress reports and I wrote two kick ass reasons why I must be accepted or I will simply perish in the gutter. I may or may not have paraphrased those words. You can imagine me flopping around like a cat on a harness trying to get a moments peace for the next few months...that will be the state of anxiety I'm in, and if I somehow get through this without pulling my hair out of my head, or biting my nails down to the quick, it will be by some sort of divine intervention.

I have a lot riding on this. It's key to the next phase of my life, getting my foot into the next chapter. Something that will enable me to stand on my own two feet, as well as offer greater direction, much more challenging work and, slightly better pay. It will also be a stepping stone should I some day decide to proceed with another direction in my life.

So fingers and toes crossed, every sort of lucky charm employed, a few prayers offering my assistance on every last church related bake sale to cross my path, a whole bunch of positive visualization and a bit of faith on my abilities to secure this next part of my life.


Anonymous said...

Ypu'll be fine. I predict your biggest challenge deciding between the two acceptance letters! :)

Tracy S

sharvey said...

Congratulations, you've done it! You've realized your first goal which was, to submit your applications. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve a celebratory drink. Lots of people dream big but never even try to get them off the ground. You're already doing the right thing by breaking it down into little parts and celebrating your accomplishments as you achieve them. Next goal: successful waiting. Go get 'em, Joy!

Dawn S said...

I have no doubt tha you will make it as you will make a kick ass social worker

sugar said...

Yeah Joy!

Joy said...

Thank you everyone. I am pretty proud of myself for getting this far and actually pursuing my goals. So many times I hear people say that they want to do this or that for millions of years and it never gets done. It can get overwhelming, but it's never going to get started until you take that first baby step forward. I'm glad that I can say that at least I did that.