Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Single mindedness

If only our world leaders had the same determination to make the world a better place, we'd be living in Nirvana right now.

Dearest: Okay! Time for bed.

Ninja: I want a bath.

Dearest: Not tonight, tomorrow.

Ninja: I want a bath.

Dearest: No, it's bedtime now.

Ninja: I'll only go to bed if I have a bath.

Dearest: This isn't a negotiation, you're going to bed now.

Ninja: I'm only going to bed if I have a bath.

Dearest: Let me tell you. If you don't go to bed, there will be no baths for 400 years. There will be no TV for 400 years. I will dig a hole in the backyard 900 feet deep and bury the TV. There will be no computers. I will take them and strap them to a spaceship and fire them out to space. The iPads and iPhone (Joy butting in here, *my* iPhone), I'll tie to a whale and have them dive to the deepest parts of the ocean. I will take all the chocolate and peanut butter in the world have hire 900 elephants eat it all, so there will be nothing tasty left to eat and that's all going to happen if you don't go to bed.

Ninja: I want a bath!


Bluefunk said...

Hahaha! I love it.

Mom2Michael said...

Bwah! Daddy has got to come up with more convincing threats than that :-)