Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Resolution

You know how we have all those good intentions of New Years resolutions and never really see them through. I think resolutions should be more specific and for a heck of a lot of shorter time periods. It's easy to lose track of accountability when you have 365 days ahead of you to miraculously get back on that track. I've been running around singing to myself "Tis the season to be busy, fa la la la la...". In addition to Christmas, we have two birthdays, A Dude's who's party is in two short days, and my own on Christmas Eve. We also have an annual drop in the Sunday before the big day, where we hang out with all our buddies we don't nearly get to spend enough time with. It's an insanely busy season for us. But in light of coming out of PPMD, I've decided to take some steps to make the season brighter for me in terms of my workload and since it's a resolution I only have to hold for 15 days, I should be okay.

1. I'm not wrapping presents. I HAAAAAAATE wrapping, it's a pain in the behind for me. I hate how wasteful it is, not only in paper and bows, but my time and effort in making the present look semi decent, only to have it ripped to shreds. So this year, screw it! It's bags for everyone. They're reusable and I have about a million I need to put to use.

2. It's not the end of the world if I don't make everything from scratch. I saw artichoke, asiago puffs from President's Choice brand in the supermarket. Mmmmm, I should make those for the party, but why? When they're here, in front of me and all I have to do is pop them in the oven, easy peasy. Same thing with samosas. I can try and make them, or I can buy these awesome ones and be done with it!

3. I'm not spending any more time with people who don't value me than I have to. You know those stupid traditional family get togethers where no one really gives a crap about one another, in fact some people outright dislike each other, but you go because it's tradition? Not happening! If I'd rather spend time with my friends, other family members, the wall, that's what I'll be doing.

4. I'm delegating. It's been hard for a control freak like me, but we've actually hired help and already it's awesome. I'm making a list for various events for things people can help with if they ask. I'm making a list, because when they ask in the middle of the hub bub, I'm not prepared, so this time I will be.

5.Reflecting on my nativity scene. For me, in all the madness  it's often so easy to forget about why I'm celebrating this holiday. Reflecting on Jesus and what he means to me (selfless giving, compassion, love) will give me much needed down time for a few minutes even and remind me how I should be striving for those traits.

6. Christmas music. I never have Christmas music on! It's beautiful, fun, I can sing the tunes easily, I can teach my guys the songs, plus it's a lot easier to bake cookies with Christmas music!

7. I will carve out time to do baking. I do actually enjoy it. I love to involve my boys too, so the week before Christmas when they're off school, we'll be baking up a storm.

8. Taking care of myself. Staying up to 1am, like last night to do baking, doesn't so much fall under resolution 7. I won't be doing that again! I need to keep healthy so lots of water, lots of rest, taking my vitamins, brushing my teeth and eating my vegetables, just like Santa says. In addition, I WILL book some time at the spa, hopefully before and after Christmas...if it kills me!

9. Eat, drink and be merry! Every year around this time, all the women's or mommy magazines publish articles about how to keep our girlish figures around Christmas which involves limiting all the goodies. If you cannot enjoy the yummies of whatever high holy day you have without abandon, it's time to start burning those magazines. Bite me! I worry about trying to attain that unachievable goal of being a size 2 the other 11 months of the year, leave me alone. December is mine!

10. Call cranky people out. Every year certain people get cranky and makes the mood miserable for the rest of us. You're on  notice cranky people, I'm not dealing with it. Be festive and merry or get out. This is my realm and the only one over 5 allowed to be cranky is me, but seeing how I want to make this season special for my kiddies, I will suck it up whenever I'm feeling like throwing a tantrum. I know it's an exhausting time of year, our blood sugar is out of whack and we all have these insane expectations or letting failed Christmases get to us, but we're supposed to be happy, so take stock of yourself, figure out what is wrong and be happy dammit! :)

11. Santa will NOT be getting credit for the best gifts. Santa gets elves to make them, he doesn't have to go to the mall! So top toy goes to us!

12. Refusing to sweat the small stuff. My Christmas cards aren't done...m'eh! I'm going out tonight with DH and have a full weekend planned. I should get my letter done tomorrow night, cards addressed Sunday night, photos done Monday, but if they aren't done by Wednesday, it's no biggie, Canada Post is fast. I plan on making good use of my fireplace, watching some movies with my kids, hugging Dearest a lot, putting my feet up and just reveling in the good excuse to be cozy during these cold months.

And a partridge in a pear tree.

Have you thought of your 12 Christmas resolutions? Things to make your Christmas days be merry and bright?


Bluefunk said...

Thanks Joy! Reading that was just what I needed. I'm so behind and freaking out about getting ready for Christmas that I am going to stop and enjoy the season. If I don't get everything done, so what? I am all for buying premade food. Some stuff you just can't replicate so why bust your butt trying? Focus on the easy and tasty food I'm good at. :)

Anonymous said...

Great resolutions Joy!!

Sherlock said...

Joy I'm so glad to hear about your resolutions... you are awesome! I can identify with so many of your thoughts. It was a few years ago that I realized I had to do many of your resolutions myself, and it made my life and enjoyment of the season so much easier! Glad you happened upon it a few years earlier than I did. Even now, I catch myself saying "I gotta get this done", and then I think... In the big scheme, does it really matter? and then I slow down and do what does matter with more enjoyment. Enjoy the season!

Joy said...

Well, it is almost Wednesday, my Christmas cards still are not done. I do have my updated addresses and photos in to be printed, so hopefully they will be out on Thursday, will drop them off in the wee hours of the morning before I go on a Christmas adventure trying to find an awesome toy. Its not exactly following my resolution in taking it easy, but I am going to enjoy it so that counts right